Friday, May 20, 2011

Fishy Fry Day- Dead Sharks Wash Ashore In California While Pods Of Pilot Whales Attempt To Strand Themselves; Japan Promotes Itself As Safe For Tourists While Radiation Levels 5 Times Higher Than Reported By The Gov't Is Detected In Tokyo; TEPCO To Shutdown 4 Damaged Reactors; Korean News Reporter Exposed To 148 mSv, Cell Damaged Confirmed; TEPCO Chief Resigns; Greece Gets Downgraded, Again; Spanish Protest Take Turn; Zimbabwe Launches Gold Standard, Others To Follow; Much More

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There will be no updates 5/21-5/24. We will return on 5/25. Thank you.

Update 1: Spanish protests turning into revolution.

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Where shall we begin today? How about in the radioactive oceans. Strange things have been happening recently and while the experts like to claim swamp gas as the answer to everything, we like to connect the dots. For example, over past month, dozens of Leopard sharks have been washing ashore in California and this time they're washing up in more places. Autopsy results shows internal bleeding. Now, several thousands of miles away in England, Pilot whales are washing ashore injured. It is known that sick and injured whales are known to beach themselves to die so they don't expect to live long. Why? We'll see soon enough what the results are from the whales, but polluted and/or radioactive oceans are certainly a possibility. At least with the sharks, it's been confirmed that they died of internal bleeding and with the millions of gallons of radioactive water pouring into the oceans... well, let's not speculate too much.

Of course the facts have been speaking for themselves since day one of this catastrophe despite the denial and lies from officials. High levels of radiation were picked up by regular citizens armed with geiger counters soon after the catastrophe, yet official readings were still very low. What accounts for the discrepancy? According to an article in Zasshi News Japan via Energy News, experts have detected radiation levels 5 times higher in Tokyo than what the gov't was reporting. It goes without saying, it's better to be on the safe side. Another article today in Energy News highlights an article published on Yahoo News Japan which is about a Korean news caster who returned from Fukushima after just 3 days and Tokyo after two months and had radiation exposure of 148 mSv which caused damage on the cellular level after a chromosome analysis. Uh oh. This is just the tip of the radioactive iceberg.

With that in mind, it's more than unethical morally disgusting fishy Japan is now promoting itself as a safe place to travel for tourists and the Chairman for Toshiba electronics, Atsutoshi Nishida is the spokesman. "Would-be visitors do not have to worry about the effects on their health," he said adding that he is concerned that the world has wrong information about accidents at the radiation-leaking Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant and asked other countries to help prevent unfounded rumors on the crisis from scaring away would-be visitors. Oh, don't worry Mr. Nishida-son - the radiation detectors in shipping ports being set off 12,000 miles away is doing that for you. Say, Mr. Nishida-son, money wouldn't have anything to do with this death invitation, would it? 

For those keeping an eye on the timeline of events, try to see where this fits in. The gist - "a monitoring post on the perimeter of the plant about 1.5 kilometers (1 mile) from the No. 1 reactor went off at 3:29 p.m., minutes before the station was overwhelmed by the tsunami... the monitor was set to go off at high levels of radiation, an official said."

Of course, this wouldn't be a Fry-Day without circus comedy and it doesn't get better than this - "Tepco To Permanently Shut Down 4 Damaged Reactors Gee, you know, I thought that these reactors were salvageable...
If you zoom in on that little red point in the upper corner you can see what looks to be a sign which reads:  

For Sale By Owner: 4 Nuclear Reactors. Low Level Radiation Leaks. Only 40 Years of Service. Well Maintained. Need Some Work. $14.2 Trillion OBO. Please Call (***)-***-****

Maybe it's just me. Bad eyes you know. Wait! Hold the presses! The CEO of TEPCO unexpectedly resigns and says the "firm's future is uncertain." Really? We thought this whole thing was bullish for the global economy. 

In other radioactive news, Greece gets downgraded again with risk of further downgrades. Gee, really Captain Obvious? Did you go to the same school as TEPCO execs? Of course, that's not news to us. We called that weeks ago before the last downgrade. duh! #winning! We're sure the daily riots and general strikes will help boost that economy as it's doing in Spain as thousands protest the horrible conditions. Where have we seen that before? Bingo! No ouzo for you! Downgrades coming to a siesta near you. 

Speaking of downgrades, Zimbabwe has indirectly downgraded the US to junk status as it says the US dollar is "no longer stable." Reason? Inflation. And who else better to give a lesson in inflation than the one country that has a record in the Guiness Book of World's Records for hyperinflation in 2008? Yes folks, the circus must go on. 


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