Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fukushima Is The News- Dr. Steven Wing, Arnie Gundersen, Marco Kaltofen Warn Of Dangers; Official: Japanese Gov’t Withheld Radiation Forecasts To Prevent Causing Panic, Threatens Professor Not To Tell Truth; Radiation In US Food Will Be Nationwide Problem; Banksters Cover Silver Short Positions; 77 Million Sony Accounts Hacked; More

Few news reports today matter more than Fukushima, even almost two months after that epic catastrophe. As reported here and on many other non-MSM news sources, the situation in Fukushima was and still is far worse than officially stated and just as expected, the true seriousness of the situation will never be released to the general public - at least not immediately and definitely not widely released on national television during prime time hours. Case in point, Energy News is reporting that a Japanese official stated the gov't withheld radiation forecasts to prevent panic. Not that any of this is surprising, as informed readers of blogs like this already know how TPTB operate. Interestingly however, their handling of the very situation they are trying to contain, seriously undermines their credibility, which in turn causes other problems. It's an interesting study in psychology, but that's a whole 'nuther topic for discussion. 

Not to be missed of course, are gems like this canceled May 2nd presentation by a renowned professor, who was "threatened kindly" not to tell the truth about radiation exposure for school children. In fact, Professor Kosako announced his resignation on April 29th, saying he couldn't "accept the government response to the Fukushima accident." Whoops. When the gov't tells you radiation is good for you, you better believe it, or else. They say it "kindly," of course.

What's for dinner? Ask environmental scientist Marco Kaltofen that question and you'll get, radiation. The problem is no longer regional - it's nationwide. Watch the video. Then watch this video from Arnie Gundersen, in his interview with renowned Epidemiologist, Dr. Steven Wing who holds no punches. In short, any excess radiation exposure beyond normal background radiation, is not healthy for you. Somehow, we already knew that.

That's your daily dose of Fukushima. What's wealth without health? Nada.

Now, your regularly scheduled program.

Remember the drop in silver the other day? You didn't think that was panic selling because the world leaders achieved world peace and all the financial problems were solved, did you? Nope. That was just a little fast hand cheap card trick by the big boy banksters in cooperation with the CRIMEX COMEX, allowing them to cover some of their short positions. But only some. Why cover if they think it's going lower? Even pathetic margin hikes won't stop the money train now.  

Pay no attention to the all time record high 44.2 Million Americans collecting food stamps. The USA got Osama! Remember, "the world is a better safer place now."

Who cares about the 77 million Sony accounts that got hacked? The USA got Osama!

$4.00+ per gallon gas? Forgetaboutit! The USA got Osama! Everything is great. Rally on!


  1. Exactly! Why do you even bother to write about bad news a day like this? I mean, the USA got Osama! ... *mumble* and threw him in the ocean.

    Sometimes reality surpasses fiction... >.<

  2. @Tommy- Throw all your problems in the ocean ;)