Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Loco Wednesday- Spain In Pain As Thousands Protest About Poor Conditions; Greece To Double Austerity Measures, Fail Anyways; Portugal Gets Bailout Approval, Investors Don't Buy It; US May Sell Gold To Keep Lights On; USPS Has 4 Months Remaining; And Now, Everything Fukushima- Radioactive Water Dumping US Request, TEPCO Misled Everyone, Nuclear Physicist: Most of The Fallout From Plutonium MOX Fuel Will Drop On US, Unless Winds Change, Much More

Update 1: Spanish protests being called the Spanish Revolution. Waiting for NATO to start bombing.

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Today's news begins with a tale of two cities. One, in the city of Madrid, Spain where the unemployment situation among youths is beyond recoverable. The other, in the city of Exarcheia, Greece where violent protests are a daily occurrence. As the protests in Spain are just getting started, there is very little coverage about this in the MSM, but from this video, you can see the people are not happy (Note: The people are chanting "No democracy, only sh*t!) Aside from that, the one article today from the BBC does provide a small glimpse into the action with the title "Spanish youth rally in Madrid echoes Egypt protests." Of course, those following the developments across the European (Dis)Union already know social tensions are running high and the situation is deteriorating rapidly. As we reported two months ago, the situation in Greece is the one to keep your eye on in particular, because Greece was the first member of the PIIGS and the one that started it all - May flash crash, followed by a bankster bailout. Not only did that bailout create the greatest moral hazard since Guantanamo, it set a precedent allowing the other PIIGS to embrace bailouts. Ironically, the bailouts which were meant to keep the banksters rich public employed came with stipulations in the form of austerity of the public. The cause of the riots? Austerity. With that knowledge, what is Greece planning on doing now? Doubling austerity measures. We're certain that this will be followed by a doubling of riots and social unrest as well, just as we predicted months ago would occur. Using a formula from physics, we know for every action there is a reaction. Well, duh! #winning!

Of course, everyone with half a radioactive brain knows that simply giving an alcoholic another beer will not help him recover from his addiction. Yet, somehow the ECB thinks it will, as they have approved a bailout for Portugal (that will be followed by an endless line of bailouts a la Greece). Global bond investors are not fooled by this scheme however, as bond yields have once again gone higher than before the bailout agreement last week. duh! #winning!

In other radioactive news, as we reported the US reached its debt ceiling on Monday and is now using every last resort it has to keep the lights on. Selling office chairs, robbing tapping Federal pension funds and even now the possible selling of gold in Ft. Knox. Of course that will be the absolute last resort, but it may come down to that in a few weeks. Let's hope not. We don't think selling the only tangible thing the rest of the world views as valuable is a good thing. What would be left? Say, what's a nuclear weapon worth these days? We've got plenty of those and there are plenty of people/rouge nations with deep pockets willing to buy for sure. Sounds like the plot of a good old James Bond movie, doesn't it?

Here's an update on last week's article about the USPS being insolvent; if you needed any more confirmation to that fact. Give it three to four months.

And now, we present to you, the only news that matters but seems to get little to no attention by the MSM - Fukushima. Let's begin with this doozy of a news piece from the Japanese Jiji Press, which claims the US pressured TEPCO to release the radioactive water into the ocean on April 4th. The whole Fukushima story becomes more bizarre everyday but now the pieces of the puzzle are starting to come together - the final picture is not looking good.

If one doozy like that was not enough for you, here's another doozy of an article, from Bloomberg of all places, entitled "Tepco Misleading Public Over Nuclear Crisis." The title says it all but we have to say that Bloomberg is two months too late to the party if they think they are providing a revelation. Here is yet another handy dandy radiation monitor of Japan which says you may want to get out of dodge, for 11.4 million years a short period of time. So keep an eye on that monitor if what this nuclear physicist is true, because if so then the next place to get out of dodge will be the entire Northern Hemisphere. Akira Tokuhiro says "most of the fallout from plutonium-containing MOX fuel will drop on U.S., unless very strong winds take it elsewhere." For those of you paying attention, reactor 3 was filled with MOX fuel a few weeks before the March 11th catastrophe. Reactor 4 is leaning badly and that's the one with the Spent Fuel Pool containing loads of the bad stuff. We have to wonder, with reactors 1, 2 and 3 in full meltdown mode, what exactly a circus tent will do in the event of another big earthquake in the area. For those who have studied geology, another big earthquake in that region is a near certainty. For those who are connecting the dots from earthquakes on earth to CME's (solar eruptions) like this one, you know it's only a matter of time before the earth gets hit with a direct hit of plasma energy. Interesting stuff.


  1. I don't know what to say about the MOX fallout except that maybe those Mayans were onto something with their 2012 doomsday prediction. Thanks, as always, for keeping us informed.

  2. @Robyn- Yeah, seems like they knew we'd run out of time by then.