Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday's Madness- Aqua-dam at Ft. Calhoun Collapses, Floods Entire Site as Situation Follows Footsteps of Fukushima; Los Alamos Nuclear Labs Has Been Evacuated; Residents 30-40 Kilometers From Fukushima Have More Than 3 mSv of Radiation in Urine, as Situation Spirals Out of Control; Dallas Fed Implodes, Prints -17.5; George Soros Jumps Ship, Says What We Have Been Warning; Greece On Edge, General Strike Scheduled for Tomorrow as Tensions Rise; Much More

Update 1: Don't look now, but the turbine room at Ft. Calhoun is now flooded. Officials claim everything is ok and this was expected. Sounds eerily reminiscent of another little "event" that started to unravel in Japan in mid-March. Everything there was also ok.

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"... and you thought you were safe..." is how we will begin today's article. Like the traffic signal at a dangerous intersection that is installed only after many close calls and a deadly accident, we see the consequences of ignoring danger after many warnings with the two nuclear power plants at Ft. Calhoun and Cooper. Yesterday, the protective Aqua-dam berm surrounding the Ft. Calhoun burst and collapsed, sending thousands of tons of flood waters into the buildings at the plant. The plant is now running on emergency generators as workers try to restore power to the main electrical transformers. Needless to say, exactly as the events occurred in Japan, officials assured the public that no residents are in any danger at all. Everything is ok. One week ago, before this Aqua-dam berm collapsed, the NRC said there was no need of the fuel casks to be protected. We hope they don't have to eat their filthy lying words. We have a bad feeling about this - just as we did with Fukushima. Keep your eyes open as this situation intensifies (and more officials reassure that everything is ok, then you know to get out of dodge).

In New Mexico, the Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory has been evacuated ahead of a raging wildfire that has come uncomfortably close to the facility. Don't worry, however. Officials are insisting everything is ok.

We have been reporting since day 2.5 that the situation in Fukushima is far, far worse than officially reported. It turns out, we were right. Fukushima residents' urine is now radioactive. More than 3 mSv of radiation has been detected in the urine of residents living 30-40 km from the stricken plant. Is it not alarming that 30-40km is within the "safe zone" and Japan is just now doing testing? Don't worry, everything is ok. Radioactive tea leaves are healthy, deformed rabbits are more tasty and nutritious, and pregnant woman who are happy and not negative about this catastrophe are resistant to the "unhealthy" kind of radiation - not be confused with the healthy kind.

 For those of you keeping tabs, in three months time, those residents have accumulated 35% of the total amount of radiation nuclear workers can be exposed to in an entire year. Of course, by extrapolating this data, this indicates by early November, regular citizens (including children and pregnant women) living inside the gov't mandated "safe zone" will be exposed to the maximum amount of radiation nuclear workers are allowed by law - until that law is changed of course, because radiation is suddenly healthy for carbon based life forms.

Now, if we're all still alive in a few months after being irradiated from "healthy" radiation, we'll still have to be concerned with the worsening global economy. The Dallas Fed Manufacturing index plummeted to negative 17.5 from negative 7.4 on comical expectations of negative 3.2. No further comments are necessary. As every excuse in the book (including, the dog ate the positive data on page 2) has already been used by MSM to explain all of the horrific economic data and somehow spin it into positive news, they may soon be forced to admit the truth about this so-called economic recovery. Even Geroge Soros is jumping ship and saying 1) it is "probably inevitable" (read: a given) that "a country" (read: Greece) will leave the Euro and 2) "we are on the edge of financial collapse." Why would he say that if we're in recovery mode since June of 2009? Remember, profits on Wall Street are not indicative of economic activity - profits on Wall Street are indicative of fatter bankster bonuses and the level of greed.

This week is the big week for Greece as tensions rise and the situation spirals out of control. Starting tomorrow, a General Strike will shut the whole country down. Despite the theatrics, we already know which way the politicians will vote - with the banksters. That being said, the people will not accept that and further strikes and further protests will result. Like all death spirals, the outcome is always bad.


  1. Nice blog-- the Ft.Calhoun situation is very worrysome, given the reliability of government pronouncements.

  2. @Mr. Kowalski- Thank you. Yes, we are closely monitoring these events. Seems more than chance is involved and nothing from them can be trusted.