Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tremor Tuesday- CME Trading Volume Plummets as Markets Now Entirely Running on Fumes and HFT Algos; Big Layoffs Coming From Too Big To Save Banks; Greece Will No Longer Be Sovereign as They Sell Off Public Assets; Belarus Shuts Access to Twitter, Facebook to Quell Unrest, Imploding Economy; Nigel Farage Holds Funeral For Euro; Fukushima Cover Ups Disturbing, Telling as Radiation Skyrockets, Staples Next; Much More

As the smoke and mirrors global economy continues to churn (no pun intended) on, what we see is a "stock market" that is, and has been priced for a full global economic recovery since 2009. All of the major indexes have "recovered" to pre-crisis levels, but digging a little deeper reveals that true "economic growth" is long dead. Need more proof?

The CBOT report shows that trading volume across the equity boards has plummeted 92.9% in June compared to prior year. This ties in nicely to our analysis from a few weeks ago when we said to expect big job cuts at the Too Big To Fail, Too Corrupt To Save banks. Like clockwork, we learn that over the coming weeks, these banks will be doing just that. Why? Because "investing" (in stocks at least) is dead.

To begin with our basic and shortened analysis, any and all "profits" that companies are recording since 2009 have been made by 1) ever deeper cost cutting measures (read: job cuts), 2) nearly daily POMO stock market injections (read: monetizing of debt and "digidollar printing") and 3) inflationary pressures caused by quantitative easing (read POMO and "stimulus bills").

When the dust settles, we are left with a decimated middle class, a enormous and ever expanding wealth gap, rising inflation in the things we need to live (also called real time inflation) and deflation in our hard assets which we would like to sell but never will be able to (read: real estate), an unsustainable debt load and finally, social unrest.

Greece is a perfect example of how quickly a "sovereign" nation is swallowed up by debt - even the EU is stating Greece will no longer be fully sovereign as it sells off public assets to pay the debt masters (read: the banksters). Like clockwork, more rioting in the streets as the gov't agrees to sell off public assets at the Claridge Hotel in London. Interestingly, the gov't of Belarus has managed to shut down access to Twitter and Facebook in an effort (which has already failed) to crush any riots over the failed economy there. Expect to see more of this around the world as economies implode - starting in Greece, and spreading to Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Italy, France, Belgium and eventually Germany. It's a given that the U.S. time frame is somewhere between France and Germany, or simultaneously.

Any wonder then why Nigel Farage has already held a funeral for the Euro common currency, as he claims the Euro, along with the whole "EU experiment" is dead?

Speaking of dead, we will not ignore the ongoing catastrophic events taking place in Japan as Fukushima continues to spiral out of control. Last week we learned the level of cover up and collusion between Japan and England was beyond incredible and immoral - it was downright treasonous. We have always assumed the worst, especially since the official reports were affirming without a doubt that everything is ok and this was only a minor bump. That in itself is a clear indication something is not right. Now, as we speculated and have been warning since day 2, radiation levels across Japan are extremely high and those that can should get out of dodge. Some scientists, that are just now receiving second party test results are now warning that mass evacuations must take place immediately. Until recently, almost all of the data came directly from the Japanese gov't. Now that scientists have access to secular sources, the data is alarming. Some soil samples taken over 40 miles from Fukushima are indicating radiation levels three to four times greater than what was considered mandatory evacuation levels for Chernobyl. Astounding, but not surprising given the severity of this situation.

As we speculated, the situation in Fukushima was so incredible, so devastating, they assumed that they had no choice but to cover it up. Now, the truth is slowly being uncovered. Unfortunately, the damage caused to people's lives is already done and irreversible.

Not only has radioactive Cesium 137 has been discovered in Tokyo tap water, but now some "hot spots" more than 40 miles from Fukushima have radiation levels 500-700 above normal. Of course, the official response is, "everything is ok" (read: bury your head in the sand and trust us). Then again, since it's already been confirmed that money is more important than human lives, we know they will say whatever it takes to keep the money flowing. Soon however, radioactive green tea leaves will be the least of their (GDP fiat) concern as staples such as wheat, rice, fish, and vegetables are tested with high levels of radiation. We hope the people wake up soon before it is too late.

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  1. Today, is more massive exodus of Japanese realizing that they are contaminated, but speaks: mass burial !