Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Radioactive Iodine-131 In PA, MA 3000% Above Federal Limit. Guess What? It's Still "Safe"; "Suicide Squads" Paid Huge Amounts Of Yen To "Volunteer"; Japanese Business Confidence Collapses

Now that you already know radioactive iodine has been discovered all around the world, from California to Scotland to France, tests are being conducted here in the US on drinking water and public water sources. Thus far, the results are not looking good. In two separate tests on public water, radioactive iodine-131 in Pennsylvania has been found to be 3300% above the federal standard. Yet, officials claim it is still, "safe." Makes us go hmmmmm.

What is wealth without health? Obviously its everything to the dozens of "volunteers" working at the stricken Fukushima plant. It is now being reported that workers are being paid up to $1000 per day to work at the plant and risk their lives. Of course, now that the official limit of what is "safe" has been raised, they have nothing to fear... Ask them in 3 months if it was worth the money.

With heavily invested experts saying nearly every current event taking place around the world over the last 2 years including major earthquakes, tsunamis, massive loss of human life, and wars are bullish for the economy, one has to wonder if they went to the same school of economics as Japanese CEOs. A whopping 68% of companies surveyed say a recession due to the catastrophe is imminent, versus only 10% a short time before the catastrophe. Is this code speak for "pump more money"?

Finally, now that nuclear has seen it's day, scientists at MIT have produced a leaf that can power an entire home. That's correct: a leaf that produces electricity, enough in fact to power an entire home and is the same size and shape as a playing card. Line up a few cards in a box the size of a window A/C unit and it might be able to power an entire factory. Perhaps. The process used to make the electric is even simpler than any other device before it. It simply splits water into hydrogen and oxygen which are then "stored in a fuel cell and used later to generate electricity." A great read and perhaps an answer to the energy future.

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  1. This blog is hilariously sarcastic! Are you British? ;)

  2. @Anon- No, but I have English/Irish/Scotish roots. Thank you ;)