Friday, May 13, 2011

Fry-Day The 13th- The Greatest Show On Earth, Is Not At The Ringling Bros; TEPCO Sets Up Circus Tent, Invites Clowns From Around The World; Arnie's Got a Good One; Sharks In California Die Of Internal Bleeding; Latest Craze In Russia- Underground Bunkers; Portugal Poops Out; Greece Gets Greased; Tractors For Oxen In The US As Inflationary Pressures Change Demands; Much More

Editor's Note: Blogger software has been having glitches over the day and the entire system was down since Thursday afternoon which has caused many delays in posting. As a result, Thursday's article has vanished along with all comments and user content. As soon as a copy is available, I will repost it.

Update 1: It's official - there's a big hole in reactor 1

Update 2: Wait. No. You've got to be kidding. Stop it. Enter Bozo the clown into circus tent side entrance - "TEPCO searching for 'missing' radioactive water." Stop it. Make it stop!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Barnum and Bailey's and Ringling Brothers Circus would like to invite you to the greatest radioactive show on earth! And today, Friday the 13th, we have a very special treat for you! Our latest additions to the circus, Jose Socrates of Portugal and the entire management board of TEPCO who came all the way from Fukushima are here tonight! Yes, you are all in for a big surprise! So let's get the show started right away. The first act of the night, TEPCO will attempt to set up a circus tent over the leaking reactors. Everyone ready? Put your lead shields on, this one is gonna be a nail biter!

Not to belittle by any means the seriousness of the situation over in Japan (and over in Europe), but it all sometimes seems surreal; as if we live in a Twilight Zone episode in which we can't escape. Of course, you know by now (if you have been paying attention to this blog) the catastrophe in Japan is far from over – it's getting worse. True to it's form, TEPCO has been releasing vital information to the public in coded secret messages, during the quite hours of the night, so as not to create a stir. For example, in Arnie Gundersen's latest video, he shows that the situation has deteriorated dramatically. Now two months after the fact, TEPCO announces findings that pieces of nuclear fuel were found 1.5 miles away from Fukushima. Oh, and that little “explosion” in reactor 3 that TEPCO said was caused by gases, was actually nuclear detonation. Watch the video. Fairewinds has provided accurate and intelligent assessments of the situation from day one. Arnie Gundersen is no paid “expert” and we applaud Arnie and his team for their continuing efforts to keep the public informed of the dangers other are trying to hide.

It is particularly interesting to note, as we reported yesterday, 150 tons of water is being pumped into reactor 1 daily to keep it “cool” (read: one milliliter short of a chain reaction) and just now after weeks and weeks some circus clown from TEPCO claims “there is a leak somewhere.” He must have gone to the same school as the Wall Street executive that said '$3.50/gallon gas is ok for Americans but $4.00 is not ok...' Genius. Pure genius. However, the real kick in the pants is the fact that all this water must be going somewhere – either as steam, contaminating the atmosphere or sinking deep into the ground and contaminating the ground water. It makes sense, given the proximity of Fukushima to the ocean, that there are more than just two leaks pouring perhaps millions of gallons of highly radioactive water into the ocean. Then we read this from Discovery News that shows sharks in California are dying by the dozens from “internal bleeding.” Now what do you know causes internal bleeding? Connect the dots. Internal bleeding is a direct symptom of radiation sickness, and given the fact that sharks can withstand higher levels of radiation than humans, it goes without saying. An interesting article from MyWeatherTech links the two.

So now that you know that the air we breathe and the water we drink is contaminated with radiation, you can understand why underground bunkers are all the rage in Russia - if you can afford the $25k entry fee.

Or perhaps they are more worried about the coming financial apocalypse as this evidence here shows the crumbling of an empire the trickle down wealth effect on States and towns. Or here. Or here. Or here. Did we mention that the EU is insolvent and that Greece will need unlimited amounts of fiat to keep the lights on? Yes we did. Way back in early March.

Finally, hyperinflation is rearing its ugly head inflation is so "tame" that farmers in the US are trading in their tractors for oxen. Move over John Deere - Oxy the Oxen is here. Is this a signal that humans have reached the pinnacle of industrial farming and are now returning to back to their roots? Stay tuned.


  1. Great article, as usual. Did you see this doozy of an article on MSNBC?
    I thought of you when I read it. Have a great weekend!

  2. @Robyn- Thank you. I didn't read it but I can only read so much MSNBS in a day. The circus show has gone insane. I'm still laughing from update 2 which I just posted. You can't make this stuff up. Let's hope that was simply lost in translation.