Thursday, May 12, 2011

Got Me Thinkin' Thursday- Nuclear Meltdown Finally Admitted By TEPCO And Japanese Gov't; Basic Math: One Plus One Equals Two; Strong Yen Hurting Toyota, Threatens To Leave Japan; Holy Yield Curve Batman! Greece Sees 27% Yield On Two Year Bond; Much More

Update 1: Ben says, time is almost up.

Update 2: Get out of Dodge. Bigger breach than "expected." It's a "serious setback."

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We've been saying now for almost two months, the situation in Fukushima is far worse than what is officially being reported. Anyone who reads this blog, knew already way back in March from the data being provided like radiation readings and from real experts like Arnie Gundersen that indeed a full meltdown occurred. Simply by examining the byproducts of nuclear fission that were detected in large quantities in and around the doomed plant, one could determine meltdown occurred in an uncontrolled fashion in at least one reactor. It turns out, that two months later almost to the day, TEPCO and by extension the Japanese gov't have admitted to this most disturbing fact. It is disturbing for many factors, besides the obvious fact that either they were so incompetent that they did not know about this back then or that they knew about it but chose to lie about it. We know which one. The devil is in the details of the reports and as we have been saying, "read between the lines." So pay particular attention to phrases such as "we can not deny..." and "it is possible that..." because that says it all.

Now we are going to review basic math. 1+1=2. You see how simple that was? Now let's see if we can connect the dots. We discover reactor 1 has immeasurable amounts of water. In other words, the tank is dry. Next, we learn that TEPCO has been pumping in 150 tons of water per day into the reactor to keep it cool. We can thus conclude there must be a leak somewhere they have yet to discover - sort of like the new leak they recently discovered that was pouring untold thousands of gallons of highly radioactive water into the oceans. So if the water is not in the reactor pressure vessel and it's not in the containment vessel... "Houston, we have a problem." You see, 1+1=2. More on that later, but keep in mind that radioactive particles are cumulative, so two months into this unending catastrophe explains why radiation levels 60 kilometers away from the plant are now higher than Chernobyl. Heck, one day when they throw in the towel, they might just come out with it and say, "Ok! Yes! You want to know the truth! You can't handle the truth because the truth is the situation is so bad that you will all get thyroid and bone cancer." Or something along those lines. Or nothing at all.

Of course, Japan's woes reach further than some relative 60, 100 or 200 kilometer evacuation zone. Today, Toyota is reporting it is running at just 50% capacity in Japan because of the impact of the bullish earthquake and the global depression recovery. To make matters worse, a strong Yen is cutting to their margins bone. Toyota is threatening to leave Japan altogether. No doubt, Toyota's direct loss related to the earthquake of $100 Billion (so far) is going to be spun as bullish for the economy. Time to rally the markets.

Speaking of rallies, Greece is having lots of rallies. And so are the CDS traders who have seen Greek bond yields literally explode like 4th of July fireworks, with the 2yr bond yielding a comical 27%. Can you spell contagion? Don't worry - the earthquake in Spain yesterday was bullish for their economy as well.

Getting back to basic math, let's examine something a bit more complicated. We know 1+1=2 but now let's add a few more variables. The US dollar has recently hit fresh lows in it's valuation and the reasons are obvious. The Fed is the only buyer of US Treasuries. The Fed is the only buyer of stocks. Residential real estate is tanking. Commercial real estate is tanking. Inflation is up exponentially. The cost of living is up exponentially. Yet wages (for the common working person) are flat (Did I mention we still have inflation?). Trade deficits are increasing. Entire States are insolvent. Entire municipalities are insolvent. The education system is being decimated. Municipal bonds are imploding. The US Postal Service is insolvent. Social Security is insolvent. Unemployment is rising, at record. Food stamp usage is at all time record, rising exponentially. US debt is past the point of no return - in other words, it can never be paid back. The only export the US has is inflation, because we make so much of it. Banks are the homes of Banksters. Wall Street is the home of white collar criminals.

Now, your homework is to come up with the answer. So far, that is one calculation I can't seem to wrap my head around.


  1. is gold the answer?

  2. I've heard that Social Security WILL be insolvent, but I've not heard that it IS..... yet. Mind posting on that?

  3. Correct Answer, U.S. defaults on debt and declares bankruptcy, resetting the debt clock to zero. prior to default massive treasury buying of gold using fiat federal reserve notes which will be worthless for international trade after the default.

    Debt jubilee declared for TBTF banks, everyone else remains a debt slave because it stabilizes the system and ensures the profits of the oligarchy.