Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Two Head Tuesday- Nearly 3000 Fukushima Evacuees Rushed To Hospitals By Ambulances; Circus Sideshow- Reactor 1 Fuel Rods "Completely Melted," TEPCO Finally Admits 11.4 Million Years Later; Who Says It's All About The Money? - US Urges Japan To Stop Decline Of TEPCO Stock; Play The (Biggest) Fool; Get Your Coffee While You Still Can; Global Housing Is Officially Homeless; UK Inflation Is Off The Geiger Counter; Greece: Already Insolvent, Runs Out Of Time; Portugal Tiptoes; Much More

Update 1: Something about Israel, yada yada, Obama tells them West Bank settlements illegal, yada yada yada.

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"Will someone please take out the pliers and pinch me to see if this is all just a nightmare." If you have recently said this to yourself, you're not alone. As the world has gone from insane to surreal, we have to wonder what the future holds for those that are not even slightly aware of the world's current condition; there are more of these people than you think. While we are no longer shocked to see what we already knew months ago confirmed now, like Fukushima experiencing a full meltdown, or Greece being insolvent and two shakes of a lamb's tail away from restructuring (read: defaulting), we do wonder if those in charge of the world think we have two heads but share one half a radioactive brain.

For example, today we learn that nearly 3000 evacuees suffering from "stress and poor hygienic conditions" were rushed to hospitals in ambulances. Stress and poor hygienic conditions? Really? When was the last time you heard of a Katrina evacuee being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance after living in total squalor in a FEMA camp? Yeah, Okey Dokey - like the dozens of sharks that washed ashore dead in California last week died of acute radiation sickness indigestion or swamp gas.

Another example is TEPCO finally admitting to us (after 11.4 Million Years) the obvious - the fuel rods are completely melted. [insert Goofy voice] Well gee golly, after looking at the pictures the day after "the event," and watching the faces of TEPCO execs at the press conference, even Mickey Mouse knew that. The experts that have determined this two months later must be the same experts that built a MOX fuel nuclear reactor at sea level, only a few meters from the shore, and then placed the backup generators in the basements below sea level. Genius. We have to wonder if at least they know that open air nuclear fusion releases huge amounts of radiation? We can only hope, but we won't hold our breath.

If you needed any more reasons why rumors have been flying around that Japan wants to move its entire capital capitol out of Tokyo and way out to Osaka, look no further than this report out today which shows radioactive green tea leaves being discovered just outside of Tokyo in Ibaraiki. The results showed 894 becquerels/kilo of cesium-137. Living healthy, never glowed tasted better. "Hey Bob! You have a certain glow about you today. Yeah, Joe. It's the new green tea-137 I've been drinking." Keep drinking that and you might have two heads.

Of course, you are not naive to the fact that everything they do, as Dr. Michio Kaku pointed out yesterday in his interview, is about money. Today, The Japan Times confirms this via Energy News - "The Obama administration urged the Kan gov't to take steps to prevent further decline in TEPCO stock." Shocked yet?  As we said, money over lives.

Hu Who knows what the next radioactive black swan event will be? If I had to take a wild guess, it could be this - a total shortage of coffee, which causes Starbucks sippin' office types to go postal when they can't get their Tall Mocha Latte Thai Chi Kim Chi Shabang Bang coffee in the morning. Just a thought.  Better stock up now before coffee doubles in price again. Remember what the Weimar Republic's chart of food staples looked like?

Speaking of hyperinflation, inflation in the UK has hit another high at 4.5%, more than double the 2% threshold the Bank of England considers "good" for growth. Which begs the question, what are they waiting for? We know. Read it here on ZeroHedge. As we reported numerous times, inflation in the US is here to stay and getting worse. Guess who hurts the most by inflation and guess who benefits the most by inflation? Guess which savvy investors are buying all the gold and silver they can to protect themselves from the evil banksters inflation?

Also getting worse is housing in the US as the story will be buried by the MSM the latest data confirms (Raise your hand if you are shocked...) Let's see - building permits were down 12.8% Year Over Year in April. Check. Housing completions were down 25% YoY. Double Check. And last but not least, the most important indicator, Housing Starts were down 24% YoY. Triple Check. Way to go Dr. Deficit. Your plan to decimate the middle class has succeeded.

Finally, as Fukushima reactor 4 Spent Fuel Pool the world burns, Nero drinks a bottle of Ouzo. As we have reported on and analyzed a dozen times already, Greece is insolvent and has been since at least April 2010. Of course, they will never admit that. Until they are forced to. Reuters is reporting that Greece is considering "soft restructuring" (read: default, sugar coated with poison). Read their official press release to the two headed sheeple global investors. It's like reading the script of a B rated comedy in which an Enron executive admits they are considering selling some office equipment to pay the electric bill while he kicks back in his plush office chair and smokes a Cuban cigar. It's that comical. (Hey, maybe I should become a screen writer)

So. Yes, folks - Greece is quietly warning to the world that they will default, just as we predicted. Are you listening? The repercussions will be felt world wide, but what is necessary is necessary. Math is a great thing. 


  1. Thanks for the heads-up on coffee. I've been picking up the occasional extra 1kg can from Tim Hortons over the last year or so in anticipation of something like this, but I might step that up soon.

    Again, thanks for the "news you can use"!

  2. So, they want us to believe that 3000 people needed to be taken to the hospital for stress & hygienic conditions all at the same time?! Good grief...every day I think it can't get any worse and yet it always manages to do just that. Those poor people! They are just taking what they are being told at face value and many people are going to get sick & die because of it. It is criminal and I never thought I would see the day when human life is valued so little. :(

  3. @umdesch- Fortunately for myself, the handwriting was on the wall last year so I stocked up on certain items. There's still time. ;)

  4. @Robyn- Yes, in fact they are counting on the majority believing that load of crap. I read something about China causing a rift over radiation in the sea. Don't worry- TEPCO did a study and said the water is safe- "no radiation was detected."

  5. @Robyn- I should add that they were not all rushed at the same time but rather over the course of a month. The point is, they were in need of immediate treatment and it wasn't for "stress" or "hygienic conditions."