Monday, June 6, 2011

Protest Monday- Greece Sees Largest Protests In Years Over New Austerity; Greek Official Warns of Collapse; Half of Last Month's New "Jobs" Came from a Single Employer; Wall Street Economists Dead Wrong; Fukushima- Reactor 1 Building Measures Highest Radiation Levels Yet; TEPCO Stock Drops 28%, Most on Record, Delisting Imminent; Fairewinds Nuclear Expert Drops Bombshell; Chile Volcano Erupts, Sending Thousands Fleeing; Much More

Update 1: Japanese Nuclear Safety Authority Doubles Estimates of Initial Fallout(!) Of course, expect this to be doubled every 3 months from now on.

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Last week, we reported that the crisis in Greece would escalate from bad to worse as new austerity measures were announced in order to comply with yet another IMF/ECB/EU handout bailout, version 2.0. Like clockwork, that social unrest really erupted yesterday in what is turning out to be the largest protest in Greece in years; this is just the tip of the iceberg. On Saturday, a Greek official warned of the "dire risks" to Greece if this handout bailout was not accepted and went so far as saying that it will push Greece "over the cliff." Of course, he still hasn't received the 5/10 memo that Greece went "over the cliff" way back when, in what would be an endless sequential series of bailout loans from the loan shark bankers. However, the people are starting to realize that the term "austerity" is simply another euphemism for job cuts; they are not too happy with the implications. Allow us to be blunt - Greece is a goner.

Today, over 150,000 protestors showed up in Athens in what is expected to be the largest protest yet and the buildup of the June 15th general strike. Of course, this general strike, like all other nationwide strikes will be bullish for the "stock markets," but savvy investors will protect their assets by purchasing gold and silver - the only two major stores of value that have been used for thousands of years as money and can't be inflated away. Daily fluctuations and price swings may keep some investors at bay, but in the long term, there is no stopping this basic algorithm:

N (natural disasters) * F2 (frequency squared) + Rf (Fukushima radiation) = Qi (quantitative inflation)

Plug the numbers in and you can see why gold (and silver) is going higher long term. If you go one step further and add another variable called Hc (house of cards global economy), you can add an exponent to the Qi component. With that said, there is a direct correlation between a declining economy and bankster bonuses. It's a self-perpetuating cycle which forms exactly the same pattern as a flushing toilet - including the turds, the "whooshing" sound and all.

Speaking of turds, TEPCO stock took a 28% haircut today as investors realized they can't keep the radioactive house of cards standing the Fukushima power plant catastrophe will put the company that generates 60% of all utility power in Japan, out of business. In other words, the chance of TEPCO going the way of Enron just increased 80%. At this point, these analysts are little late to the game, taking their time disseminating information that should have been done months ago. Perhaps a new algorithm (a la Goldman Sachs) is in order for determining TEPCO's stock price. Let's try:

Rd (radiation at reactor dry well) * Rb (radiation at reactor building) * Nr (number of reactors) * Tt (Total radiation released into environment) * Np (number of people with radiation sickness) + I (insurance claims) * A (total area in square miles) = Pf (percentage of decline)

Plugging in the numbers, we see that TEPCO stock is still overvalued after today's drop and needs to decline at least 100% to reach fair market value. You do the math. 

All kidding aside, radiation at the reactor 1 building has literally exploded to 4 Sv/hour from 2 Sv/hour just two weeks ago. Notice that this radiation is at the building itself and not the reactor dry well(!) which has also increased dramatically from 190 Sv/hour to 250 Sv/hour in just 3 days time. On Fry-Day, Arnie Gundersen droped a bombshell in an interview with Chris Martenson when he says, "I am in touch with some scientists now who have been monitoring the air on the West Coast and in Seattle for instance, in April, the average person in Seattle breathed in 10 hot particles a day." That explains why "rogue" citizens armed with geiger counters have been picking up large spikes in radiation all over the country - from the radioactive hailstones in Joplin, to the radioactive rain water in Pennsylvania - and the total media blackout of these discoveries. Remember, the consequences are too profound and would mean the meltdown of the economy. Other highlights from the interview include 1) his recommendation to leave Tokyo if reactor 4 collapses, 2) the full dangers were known to the NRC and Japanese officials within hours but they did not tell the public and 3) given the amounts of iodine being detected all over, nuclear fission continues. This is a must read interview or listen to the audio interview if you don't have the time. Educate yourself and pass it along to your loved ones.

By now, everyone with the smallest amount of financial knowledge knows Wall Street analysts couldn't predict rain if cirrostratus clouds were staring them right in the face. Last week's data proves that 100% as not a single analysts came even close to predicting the economic data, but this article from ZeroHedge goes one step further, proving Wall Street is a total joke. What's their purpose again? However, perhaps even more telling about the state of affairs of this "economy" is the fact that half of last month's new jobs came from a single employer - drum roll please - that employer was none other than McDonald's. Isn't it ironic that their mascot is a clown? How fitting for this global "economy." We can't wait to hear on CNBS how this huge volcanic eruption in Chile, which is displacing thousands of people, will be bullish for the economy - just like the triple catastrophes in Japan were "bullish." The clock is still ticking for the quarterly reports to be released and somehow we think a ton of releases will be "delayed." In the meantime, view these incredible pictures from the eruption in Chile. And for those of you who love numbers, roughly 80,000 square miles have been covered in this absolutely "not toxic" ash. Well, that's a "load" off our minds. Next up - we're waiting to hear from Ann Coulter that hot volcanic ash is actually healthy for you, so breath deep.


  1. Thanks for the Arnie Gundersen interview. I'm off to read that now. Great blog post, as usual. Now that school is out and the kids are home I have a hard time keeping up with the news but I try and visit here daily because you hit all the important stuff. Thanks again!

  2. Of course McDon'ts added jobs. Where else can anyone afford to eat?

  3. @Robyn- I have made Fairewinds Associates (Arnie Gundersen) a daily read myself, although they do not update often. Nevertheless, he speaks fairly and without excessive fear mongering. A true professional. If only there were more people like him in this world.

    Please feel free to pass on my blog to anyone you think would be interested in current affairs. Thank you again for your support.

    @Pecos Bill- Dollar for dollar, fast food is not the best value everyone thinks it to be, although most items on the dollar menu remain very high in the calorie/dollar ratios - long term health impacts notwithstanding.

    It will be exciting to see the 'puds' on CNBS try and spin home sales this month. Spring, typically the best performing month of the year, has been atrocious. And if McD's jobs are the only jobs out there, let's see who can afford to by a home come end of summer.