Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Thyroid Tuesday- Japan Concedes Severity of Blast; Australian Reporter Finds Readings Higher Than Officially Reported, Gives Warning To All of Japan; Plutonium Discovered For The First Time 1 Mile Outside Fukushima; Tokyo Residents Report "Metallic Taste," Recalls Chernobyl; EU Banks Stressed Positions Mean a Greek Default Can Never Be Allowed To Happen, Ever; Implementing Portugal's Bailout Requirements May Not Be So Easy; Pain of The PIIGS; GM CEO Says US Should Raise Gas Tax To $1 Per Gallon; Active Sun Erupts, Proton Flux - Strange Weather Related?; Much More

Update 1: Tearing a page from the Hollywood movie 2012, we have a balmy 88 degrees Fahrenheit in Finland (see below) and summer snow in Hawaii.

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Today is "Thyroid Tuesday," in recognition of our often abused and mostly forgotten, but vitally important gland. After all, what is wealth without health? The headline story for today solidifies what we have been warning since day one of the triple catastrophes in Japan - Fukushima is exponentially worse than officially reported. The Wall Street Journal so aptly titles today's article "Japan Concedes Severity of Blast." Act surprised.

Today, Energy News is highlighting an Australian reporter in Fukushima as saying,

...we took in two Geiger counters and I have to say, they were screeching at us quite a bit these Geiger counters and some of the readings we got were quite high, in fact they were higher than some of the readings that we understand the Japanese government has released. So I suppose yes, it is concerning because the figures that we are hearing – they are always higher, there are always upward revisions, we’re not hearing downward revisions and that is a cause for concern for all the Japanese population and for anyone who lives here in Japan.

What else could be cause for alarm? How about Japanese news agency NHK, discovering Plutonium over 1 mile from the stricken plant. This is the first time plutonium has been discovered outside the plant, which indicates that the official story of "hydrogen explosions" were in fact as Arnie Gundersen said, "nuclear explosions." Also, contrary to what Japanese officials have been saying for the longest time, Tokyo got a nice radioactive bath in the days following the explosions - Tokyo residents have been complaining of "metallic taste" in their mouths - and this is eerily reminiscent of Chernobyl. Needless to say, many people even reported gray dust being sprinkled on everything. Now, if the people of Seattle, Washington USA breathed in "10 hot particles" each day during the month of April, you can connect the dots. Check back often for more updates on Fukushima. 

Of course, Fukushima is not the only disaster still unfolding - the whole EU is on the verge of disintegration as bailouts for the PIIGS fracture member ties. Today, Bloomberg is reporting that the poor condition of EU banks mean Greece can't default, ever. In other words, EU officials are pulling out the M.A.D. card. Where have we seen this before? As we noted in early March, the EU is simply kicking the can down the road, in a similar fashion to what the US is doing. Pull out the M.A.D card, and kick the can another foot.

Greece is just the tip of the iceberg. Portugal is warning that implementing the handout bailout requirements will take a toll on the whole nation. Oh really? And we thought "austerity" was a nice four letter word. Expect general strikes (a la Greece) to begin there soon, followed by violent riots (a la Greece) followed by more austerity and subsequent endless bailouts. But who is really benefiting from these bailouts? Check the bankster payrolls in the US for the answer.

As this gangrene spreads all over the world, we can expect to see the Mutually Assured Destruction M.A.D. card pulled out faster than a "wild plus 4" card in a game of Uno. In a similar way, the global foreign exchange system is a giant game of Uno, whereby each player nation tries to devalue their currency the fastest. He who devalues first and the fastest, wins. Little do they know however, in this game of Uno, everybody loses.

In an odd twist of events, GM's CEO Dan Akerson said he wants the federal gas tax increased to $1.00 per gallon, in an effort to push consumers into more fuel-efficient cars. We hate to crash this party early but, with gas already at $4.29 per gallon, this oil based economy is ready to implode now, let alone at $5 per gallon. You see, Dan, Americans are already pinched for cash as it is. They can barely keep the cars they have now, let alone "upgrade" to more fuel efficient cars that cost on the average $3500 more than a traditional internal combustion car. And we hate to be the ones to bring the cold water to your underwear bulge, Mr. Weiner - oppps sorry, Mr. Akerson, but how many people working minimum wage at Wal-Mart and McDonalds do you think are going to be able to afford a new car? duh! #winning!

An interesting article today in Gold Made Simple News highlights the FTSE:GOLD ratio, which recently hit a low. It adds more to fuel to our fire that gold (and silver) will go higher long term. Either that, or the "stock markets" will crash. Since we know that will never happen under the evil watchful eye of the PPT, gold has only one way to go.

Finally, a few days before the epic earthquake in Japan on March 11th, we said to keep an eye on natural catastrophes which have been increasing at an alarming rate due to solar activity. We have been monitoring the direct correlation between the sun's eruptions and seismic activity on the earth. Our theory is that large earth directed eruptions on the sun (CMEs or coronal mass ejections) cause eruptions, or quakes on the earth. Although the sun has been quite active, no major eruptions have hit the earth recently. However, there has been an dramatic increase in the proton flux measurements, caused perhaps by the recent eruption as seen below. Is it a mere coincidence that the proton flux measurements recorded a few days before the 11th of March are eerily similar to this recent activity? Further, could the proton flux be the cause of the strange Florida weather in Finland? Try 88 degrees and balmy only a few hundred miles from the North Pole.

As it takes 3-4 days for CME's to reach the earth, keep an eye out for a major earthquake(s) sometime between this Thursday and Sunday. Let's put this theory to the test (and tell Dr. Deficit to ready the ink jets; we're gonna need a lot).


  1. http://www.solarham.com/

    Recent CME may not be fully earth directed - so may not be a suitable test for your theory :)

  2. Very nice weather here in Sweden so interesting about Finland. Also some many people here think the sun is stronger than normal but snow in Hawaii is strange. What this about gold going higher because of stocks? Thank again for this blog. MPP5 in Sweden

  3. Hawaii gets snow on the big island - the big island has some of the most diverse climate zones on earth.

    Regarding CME, I will give your hypothesis ( not a theory) a chance but if it doesn't prove to be a useful indicator, please give it up

    keep up the good work

  4. @Anon1- You might want to check again. Stereo A shows clearly that the CME was earth directed and NASA issued a warning today about an earth directed CME. I'll post more later. Still, it was one of the largest CME ever captured.


    @MPP5- Thank you. Check out the gold ratio to stock prices. One has to give, historically speaking.

    @Anon2- Thank you. Yes Hawaii get snow on the Big Island but as the reporter mentions, not in June. Average TEMPS this time of the year at that location are 83. Even the resident who has lived there presumably her whole life said it was odd and has never seen it before.

    Regarding the CME, it's soon to become a theory :) once it is published in a science journal (I'm not taking credit for it though) and Dr. Kaku approves. However, you'll notice that this CME that I reported on very early in the day before anyone even noticed is just now going main stream - and it's a big deal. German newspapers are running sensationalistic doomsday titles over it. More on that later when I update.

    PS. Not sure if it is coincidence or the early impact of this CME, but there was a 6.0 in Peru today.